Simple rule: keep the floors polished, and everything will go well for everyone. Cleaning the floors can be both a menial task and requires professional skill. However, a Polished Concrete Chicago, IL, gives you perks that make life seamless and smooth sailing.

polished concrete floor with a sofa

Introducing Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing involves a specialized tool that grinds the hard surface until smooth. So smooth you could see your reflection on the surface. Imagine a solid base surface that would shine and refract light. It gives a sense of clarity and order inside any property.

As simple as the application sounds, its benefits and impact go beyond the surface. These benefits apply to increase the flooring material’s form and function. Todays’ list gives you five perks to polishing concrete flooring.

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Slip-resistance
  3. Reduced Maintenance
  4. Stain-resistant
  5. Elimination of Dust

Concrete Polishing Bonuses

You all probably should know by now that concrete provides the most durable material to make up the floors. Enhanced with polishing, the material’s life span increases, and it looks simply stunning, making any property enhanced with beauty.

Aside from those obvious benefits, check out these bonuses you get with polishing concrete floors.

1. Cost-Effective

Most property owners love concrete for its cost-efficiency. The bare concrete alone already offers a blank canvas for a homes’ creativity, and anything goes with it. Plus, the material is strong enough to last many years.

But finish that with the polishing method. The flooring slabs would bring out cost-effective benefits. One thing that may concern you is how come you should pay for polishing the floors? Isn’t that possible to DIY?

floor being polished with a grinder

The cost of polishing skilled flooring contractors is using the specialized polishing tool. This is not your ordinary polishing with cleaning materials and sealing the slabs with a smooth coating. Although you can do that, exports’ polishing tools contain diamond grit that makes the floors shine like a gem.

How is that for cost-effectivity? You do not even have to repeat the process until several years later.

2. Slip Resistance

polished concrete in the living room

The word polished may give an idea that everything would slide on the surface. Polishing DO NOT make your floors slippery, and however, the surface does shine and bars a smooth, seamless look. But what the polishing does is reduce slipperiness on the surface.

The slabs are finished with concrete coating, creating a dense texture that adds traction to the floor. While it looks opulent, it won’t cause you to slide on it.

Here is the bonus part, the smooth floor finish also prevents water or other liquid material from staining and scattering over the floor. With that said, it leads us to the third bonus.

3. Reduced Maintenance

When you get slip-resistant floors, that would naturally give you less time and effort to maintain them. Every homeowner’s dream is to reduce the time for maintenance and repairs at home.

Cutting the tie and budget for floor maintenance is a favorite perk of those who own concrete flooring. As mentioned a while ago, the polished flooring receives a dense finish. That type of enhancement allows any stain that can get sticky on the surface to be removed with ease.

4. On The Spot Cleaning

Once any liquid or moist material touches the surface, it won’t smudge or spread all over the surface. You will see that spilled coffee or milk remains in one area. Thus you can quickly get a dry cloth and remove whatever dirt or spill is on the spot.

close up with a polished concrete

5. Elimination Of Dust

The fifth and final one to polishing perks is the elimination of dust. It may seem invisible sometimes, but the dust appears everywhere as you go about your regular sweeping. And admit it isn’t that cleaning the dust off is a challenging chore.

This micro-size debris is so light, and it tends to fly everywhere. Polished concrete helps eliminate the pesky minuscule dirt. The added friction on the surface helps gather the dist in one place and prevents the form from floating around.

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