A garage’s functionality relies heavily on the floors! 

Now you are here to explore your options on what is the best Chicago garage flooring! You might be thinking now of a garage revamp. However, you have this one problem. You need the action to keep going despite repairs.

Today’s post gives you a list of the most recommended floor materials for the garage. Learn which one can be installed ASAP! Or find the one you can use for practicality and easy installation. All these ahead! 

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The TOP 5 Garage Flooring that Experts Recommend

Take a quick look at what are the top 5 flooring options best used for garages. These are in NO particular order, but these are the five that often top the choices for garage floors.  

So take your pick!

  1. Epoxy
  2. Polyurea
  3. Rubber Tile 
  4. Vinyl
  5. Polished Concrete

Each of these materials has its ups and downs. And the bottom line would be to choose what will fit your flooring conditions and what will best suit your needs.

Before you learn how each functions and how each adds a form to your properties. First, know your considerations when choosing the flooring material for the garage areas. 

What makes the best garage floor? 

  • Cost-efficiency vs. Cost-effectivity

When it comes to cost, one may find a cheap, practical solution for a temporary fix. Another is to spend dimes for the best resistance.

Whatever you choose, make sure that they will meet all your flooring requirements. No cheap material can provide the best. 

Materials like epoxy and polyurea are pretty expensive, but they give the absolute solution to every garage floor’s needs. And they are worth what you pay for. These innovative products can outlast regular concrete flooring in a garage.

  • Form vs. Function

Choosing the garage material is on form or function where you will have a tight e to decide.

You can have both. And if you want to keep a superior form for your garage, you need to invest in it. 

  • Maintenance Requirements

Keep in mind that you got the garage areas to handle. Car oils and grease are all mixed in here. The stains had taken residence on the floorings for a long time.

When you decide to clean and maintain the surface, all the dark marks get stuck, and there is no way of taking them off anymore. So, you now need to find flooring that will remain polished-looking under extreme conditions.

Garage Flooring Materials Uncovered

Now take a deep look and know which materials will fit your garage floor’s requirements.

1. Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is the king of flooring! No doubt about that! It contains resin and hardener, which makes the concrete floor super strong. Aside from having superb strength and function, epoxy also provides incredible form.

With epoxy, you can choose and customize the designs. Here is a quick look at the epoxy variants you can use in your garages.

  • Chip epoxy
  • Metallic
  • Clear epoxy
  • Slurry epoxy
polyurea polyaspartic coating chicago
  1. Polyurea-Polyaspartic 

Like epoxy, it consists of two-part materials, with the one acting as a catalyst. Its nickname one-day coat suggests that it cures fast. One day is all you need compared to the epoxy that requires at least 72 hours to fix before you can use it fully. 

The polyurea-polyaspartic floors are your perfect choice for garages if you need NO downtime at all when repairs occur. 

One may take a step back using this due to its expensiveness. But choose this, and you get what you pay for.

Here are some distinct advantages of using epoxy for the garage.

  • Coating cures in just a day. No downtime for the action-packed garage
  • No odor. Installing the coating does not release a foul chemical odor making it healthy and friendly to use
  • NO VOC
  • Heat flexibility. This is the best about polyurea floors. They withstand extreme heat without getting brittle.
  1. Rubber Tiles and Vinyl Mats

Now you have practical and budget-friendly materials. Vinyl mats and rubber tiles are easy to use and quick to install. You would not need experts to set them up in your garage spaces.

They also would not lag behind epoxy and polyurea when it comes to resistance and functions.  

  1. Polished Concrete

Lastly, you got polished concrete. Polished concrete is both practical to use and cost-effective. The plain and polished appearance is a great look to have among garage floors.

While you need to get professional help when installing concrete garages, the cost would fit just right. No complex process is involved. Only an artisan’s skilled hand to create a seamless, polished surface is what you need.

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