Getting a Chicago concrete resurfacing is one of the best projects you want to get into this year. 

The first quarter of the year 2021 got several States to decrease concrete materials costs. So you might want to take advantage of this fact. 

While concrete raw materials and supply are light to your pockets, you need a plan to start resurfacing the concrete floors in your properties. 

Let today’s article help you out in your planning and the whole process. Do you know that you can create massive changes by just starting to renovate or reconstruct the floor at your homes or in any commercial property? 

Check out this year’s trending resurfacing ideas.

2021 Trending Concrete Resurfacing for Your Homes and Business

concrete resurfacing ideas

Isn’t it awesome to think that while you can afford concrete flooring materials, this year’s motif turns the spotlight to practicality, efficiency, and comfort? 

Keep these words in mind, and check out ideas from the list below some ways you can incorporate in renovating your properties. The where’s, what’s, and how’s ahead!

1. Outdoor Resurfacing

Do you have a hard time finding the right inspiration to start a change in your homes or business? Why not start looking from the outside in? Begin at your driveways.

 Your driveways may be one of the most undermined spaces. Since it’s located outside, you do not usually feel it needs much decor and design. Besides, outdoor elements are difficult to factor out.

Therefore, it got you wondering what more you can do outside? Driveway resurfacing. 

There are lots of ideas you can do to take your curb appeal another notch.

Have you considered stamped overlays? These are practical outdoor flooring resurfacing. Stamped designs recreate the natural look of wood, slate, bricks, and stones that perfectly fits the scene you see outside.

2. Pool Decks Resurfacing

Aside from the driveways and entryways, your swimming pool is the one that needs dressing up. Airbnb properties are in these times. Adding a pool area makes it top the search results for vacation goers.

Or, use the outdoor pools for yourself, since you have more time staying at home. It’s better to recreate the look of your pool’s decks with concrete resurfacing.

3. Patio Revamp

Your patios are also a terrific spot to remodel. Today’s homes are to make comfortable living spaces to work or just let out ones’ creativity.

No other place for you to find both peace and productivity than your patios or backyards. Why not resurface the outdoor floor to create polished surfaces where you can set up a nook for reading, art activities, or even a family living room set up that encourages barbecues on Friday nights.

patio stamped concrete chicago

4. Reinvent Your Garage Areas

Garage spaces may once be chaotic, messy, greasy, and dull. But today, you can turn the whole place around and reinvent the space for profit, like creating your auto showroom. 

Have the entire flooring area resurfaced and install epoxy flooring to create easy-to-clean floors that can be attractive? Here you can set up a guest room or a space for rent. 

Or, bring your friend here to set up an artist studio or band rehearsals with innovative anti-static epoxy floors.

5. Basement Redo

Last but not least, you can resurface your basement floors and transform them into an underground entertainment area.

Or check out basement resurfacing ideas from Chicago concrete resurfacing for tips and incredible facts to recreate your basements. 

You can add brightness to this underground spot in your properties. Try resurfacing its floors with clear coat epoxy or metallic floors.

There you have it! Pick one spot in your home and try one idea now. See effective results, and then you are ready to do more flooring that encourages changes in your spaces.

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