Do you know that you don’t have to replace worn-out or damaged concrete so you can make it function well and look brand-new once again? Concrete floors can wear down as time goes by. And with this, you might need the help of a professional company, such as Floor Refinishing Chicago, to repair and maintain your surfaces. 


You can also do it on your own. Today’s piece is all you need to know about how you can transform your concrete floors into efficient and appealing structures.

What Is Concrete Refinishing?

You can give concrete floors a second chance in life with concrete refinishing or resurfacing. Refinishing or resurfacing is the procedure of making old, damaged concrete look fresh and function efficiently. The process uses concrete coatings that workers install on pre-existing concrete, giving it additional durability, resistance, and charm.

Types Of Floor Refinishing To Consider

There are many ways to refinish and resurface a surface. And you can take a look at some of the more popular ones here in this list.


 Overlaying is applying layers of coating over existing concrete to improve durability and other functions. Many designs and patterns are available for this way of refinishing.

Concrete Staining 

Staining makes use of acid-based and water-based stains that gives concrete a one-of-a-kind look. Both types of stains boast their unique colors and patterns you can choose.


This process uses unique colors that make concrete durable and colorful at the same time. You can customize a color to fit your liking so that it will fit in with the rest of your property’s theme or motif


Stamping is an affordable and swell method to repair and rework concrete floors. Like most of the other ways to resurface, stamping highlights a variety of tones and patterns. Customization can also work.


Spraying works like magic. Workers use a special kind of spray that spreads and covers the concrete. While some companies have their own sets of presets, there are other available choices when looking around the market.

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What You Need To Know Before Doing The Process

  • Get in touch first with an expert in the industry before working on your concrete. Doing so will allow you to find what option is best.
  • You can resurface and refinish both indoor and outdoor concrete. 
  • Repair is only necessary if there are large cracks on the surfaces. Refinishing can handle minor damages, such as small cracks and uneven levels.
  • Refinishing is not an ideal option if your floors suffer from other things like heaving issues, underlying soil matters, and temperature damage.

Consider the Benefits

  • Refinishing concrete is good for the environment. Doing such will not require you to purchase new materials and resources.
  • Refinishing the concrete flooring is a walk in the park. You can do it on your own.
  • You can go crazy with designs and patterning when resurfacing or refinishing your surfaces. 
  • The most important advantage of this is that it does not make you or your wallet cry. Resurfacing is affordable and cheap.
  • The concrete lasts longer with a new and fresh touch or layer of coating. This aspect means that you can use the structures for long periods without maintaining or repairing them frequently.

Consider the Cost: Is It Expensive?

Refinishing concrete floors is not an expensive endeavor. Although the options for doing so may vary, they have their own sets of costs. And these costs will not mandate you to shell out tons and tons of cash. So it is a practice to find out first which method works best for your surfaces so you can save time and money.

Reaching the Conclusion

You can turn a resurfacing or refinishing task into an exciting DIY project. But hiring a company works just as fine if you don’t have the time for one. The professionals can work wonders by transforming concrete floorings from ordinary slabs into decorative concrete floors. And you won’t regret spending a bit more on their services at all.

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