Today’s post introduces you to epoxy floors’ exceptional benefits. Knowing how the material works let you understand why it is important to use it, especially in chaotic spaces like the garage. 

a newly applied epoxy floor

What is Epoxy Garage Flooring?

Have a quick close look at epoxy flooring. Once again, this is your durable resin flooring that creates a smooth, seamless finish. The epoxy floor Chicago comes in a coating that adheres to the concrete slab’s top layer. It serves as protection from damaging elements to the concrete. Epoxy gives water and moisture resistance, heat protection preventing trie mars on the garage floor and a smooth surface for fast cleaning.

There is more to talk about when it comes to garage epoxy floors, and you’ll get into more of how it works by seeing its benefits.

Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Epoxy is among the top choices for modern flooring, and here are five of its notable benefits that make you not doubt using it.

  1. Easy Application

Epoxy floor coating is easy to apply. You’ll only need the epoxy mix, place it in a bucket, then pour. A decorative installer will then use a trowel or a squeegee mop to spread the mixture on the surface. 

Once that step is finished, the coating would dry quickly with natural air and humidity. There is no need for other complex machines. 

a worker pouring epoxy resin on the ground
  1. Quick Stain Removal

What’s exceptional about using epoxy in the garage flooring is that it makes cleaning stains easy. Look at the greasy and grimy area on the floors. When you got bare concrete or tiles, some stains would get stuck on the surface, which ruins the color front h marked left by the chemicals. 

Epoxy floor coatings prevent that from happening.

  1. Quick Curing for No Downtime

Epoxy is most loved for its no downtime solution. What if you got commercial garages? Car repairs go on the whole day. 

Imagine shutting down the space and canceling the business for days if you ever need to resurface the garage floor. The epoxy coating will not allow this to happen. If you resurfaced or repaired the layer, you would only need a day to let the floor area cure. Just make sure that the climate in your region gives enough humidity to cure.

  1. Damage Resistant 

Epoxy is a floor coating with its most basic structure in pure solids. And it is essential to know that using this material on the floorings would make the surface durable under heavy traffic and constant wear and tear. 

floor coated with epoxy
  1. Light Refracting Surface

The epoxy floor coating makes the garage floors shine. Nothing like you have seen among garage spaces before. With carpet tiles and rubber mats, grease and stains would likely stay on the surface for a long time if not cleaned well.

Epoxy floor coating helps the floor remains glistening even under heavy traffic. It prevents dirt from staying on the surface, making severely stained floors dark and murky. Proxy prevents this and would even add a natural light source refracting the light rays around the room.

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