A concrete driveway Chicago maintenance is a necessary process that saves you the cost of heavy repairs. It may only need a simple washing or regular cleaning to a more practical resurfacing like recoloring the concrete or refinishing.

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In today’s blog, you will learn the basics of driveway maintenance. Here is a quick look at the tips we will talk about here.

  1. Clean it
  2. Stains Must Be Removed
  3. Treat it with care
  4. Avoid Deicing Chemicals

Before you go further in today’s discussion, here are some tips on spot issues on the concrete driveways. You may need to thoroughly assess the maintenance methods for resurfacing, repair, or the more significant replacement task. 

But today, we will focus on the basics of maintenance. The first step is for you to take a serious look at the probable damages on the surface of the driveways. 

You need to investigate and look for the following signs.

  • Deep holes that go far beyond an inch
  • Concrete discoloration due to weathering and old age
  • Cracks common to the surface
  • Sunken and uneven areas 
  • Crumbling concrete appears around the edges

If they are present in your driveway, that is the moment you might want to plan a repair.

Important Driveway Care Tips: Four You Should Know

If you now realize that there are ways to prevent costly repairs, the essential tip is to care for the driveway floors. 

Clean It!

Okay, that may come off striking to you. And yes, that is not just a tip, but a command. Fundamentally, you regularly clean the driveway floor. 

It does not have to be something complicated like a pressure wash with a massive tool to polish the surface. 

A regular driveway cleaning is a key to keeping the form of the concrete driveway to its prime. 

Stains Should be Removed ASAP!

Aside from regular gentle cleaning. The following essential care tip is to remove stains right away. Do not let the oil and grease get stuck on the surface, and wipe it immediately once you see that car engine oil leak on the driveway floor. The trick here is to keep or store cleaning tools like a sweeper and mop to brush off the stains on the floor.

Treat it with Utmost Care

Not because the floors are made for walking and stay underneath your feet, you would neglect to care for it. Remember, it is the foundation where your property stands. Caring goes beyond cleaning and wiping dirt and mess, and you must be able to protect the floor surfaces when the weather gets severe. 

Be sure that you apply concrete sealers to prevent the freeze-thaw impact from damaging the flooring material. Also, be sure that the concrete coatings are in their prime form to avoid abrasions that may lead to larger cracks.

Extra Tips: How To Decide When to Repair, Resurface, or Replace

pressure cleaning concrete driveway

A regular homeowner would often neglect the first sign of damage. In that case, you might feel frustrated with costly repairs that would bug you in the future. Here are methods that are budget-friendly and time-efficient. Take note of these extra care tips to help you in the future?

Driveway Floor Resurface for worn out or faulty concrete

If you wish to level up your driveway’s overall appeal, resurfacing helps you do it effectively without cutting holes in your pockets. 

There are a lot of concrete resurfacing ideas for driveways. But remember that resurfacing your driveway only applies when the entirety of the floor is in good shape with not much damage at all.

Replacement if needed for old and severely damaged concrete

Replacing the driveway comes into the picture when the concrete slabs and their reinforcement are heavily destroyed, and structural damages have already reached the surface. These are when the issues are too apparent for you.

If you are considering replacing your old driveway, you may want to contact your local concrete contractor. They will provide you with the quotation you deserve as well as services unparalleled to others.

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