Protecting the concrete sidewalks involves cleaning, regular maintenance, and appropriate Chicago sidewalk repair methods. The most important is to apply the best concrete coating that keeps the outdoor concrete away from severe damage brought by the outside environment. 

Here are the four easy-to-do ways to protect the sidewalk concrete.

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Ways to Protecting Your Concrete Sidewalks

  1. Sealing and Caulking the Sidewalks
  2. Level Uneven Paths
  3. Routine Maintenance
  4. Patching The Sidewalks

What are the Causes of Damages?

Before you jump into concrete coating the outdoor floor, be aware first of the different sources of damage. 

Cracks would be common. And for those concrete cracks that happened outdoors, weathering and heavy traffic would be the most significant source of the faults on the concrete. 

Ways for Chicago Sidewalk Repair

Aside from the common cracks, there are other things you need to watch out for. For each type of fault, there are specific easy to fix and protect the surface of the concrete sidewalks.

1. Sealing and Caulking the Sidewalks

Cleaning and sealing your concrete is critical for the appearance and lifespan of any of your outdoor walkways. 

By caulking, the gaps and seams in your concrete are also crucial. Water is the most powerful nemesis of concrete. Allowing water to seep under your concrete slabs will shorten their lifespan and, more crucially, cause them to shift, creating trip hazards and other potentially dangerous situations.

2. Level Uneven Paths

When unlevel sidewalks bother you, they can cause you to destroy the paths. However, there is a more efficient and quick solution to that. It will save you time and resources from buffing new concrete patches outdoors. 

Why not protect the materials by fixing the unevenness with a method called slab jacking. 

Maintaining the appearance of your concrete sidewalk and keeping the pathway intact and level prevents falls and injuries. If you’re thinking of restoring a cracked, sunken, or uneven sidewalk, a concrete sidewalk contractor could help you. Leveling the concrete is a more convenient and cost-effective option than pulling it out and replacing it.

earthquake damaged sidewalk

3. Routine Maintenance

Maintenance labor extends well beyond simply improving the appearance of your property. It has numerous benefits that this act delivers. You may find sidewalk cleaning one of the most cost-effective investments you can make for your property. The following are only a handful of the essential benefits:

  • Safety
  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • Longer material lifespan
  • Order and cleanliness to your community

4. Patching The Sidewalks

Last is patching. Patching would also closely relate to your regular maintenance. Also, if you always ensure the sidewalks are safe to use, you would immediately apply contrite filers or grout to patch an increasing crack on the surface.

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