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4 Must-Have Concrete Patio Cleaning Tools


A concrete patio, whether covered or not, is prone to dirt, dust, and even mold and mildew. There is not a single material out there that is entirely maintenance free. Maybe some may require only minimal cleaning than others. Regardless of what the finish of your concrete patio is, make sure you have the following cleaning tools within reach: Pressure Washer Also called a power washer, this is a very efficient tool for cleaning [...]

4 Must-Have Concrete Patio Cleaning Tools2018-11-22T03:59:46+00:00

Stamped Pool Deck Overlays Vs. Other Materials


Stamped Concrete is quickly becoming a favorite hardscape material on pool decks. It gives owners the opportunity to pull off a luxurious look without the high-end cost. Stamped overlays are affordable, durable, and very decorative. It is known to effectively imitate other paving materials and the craftsmanship is impeccable. But how does it really fare against the pool deck material it is imitating? Stamped Overlay Vs. Natural Stone One of the most popular uses [...]

Stamped Pool Deck Overlays Vs. Other Materials2018-11-22T05:04:32+00:00

Concrete Driveway: What to Watch Out for When Buying a New Home


You’ve probably heard stories about people buying what they thought was their dream home only to live a nightmare. The concrete driveway, for example, may look divine as the real estate agent walks you through the entire home, highlighting its good points and commanding you to imagine your future in it. Before you give in to the flowery words and the illusion of a good drive you will have on that concrete driveway, watch out [...]

Concrete Driveway: What to Watch Out for When Buying a New Home2018-10-17T08:40:32+00:00

3 Popular Types of Pool Deck Repair Options


Damage on a concrete pool deck is definitely a turn-off. You can’t keep everyone in the pool just so they won’t notice how worn out the deck is. Fortunately, there are reliable pool deck repair options that can fix surface damage. As long as the slab is still in good, working condition, it can be repaired. Before hiring someone to repair the deck, it is crucial to have it assessed first. The root cause of [...]

3 Popular Types of Pool Deck Repair Options2019-06-28T07:17:31+00:00

5 Home Upgrades that ONLY Pros Should Handle


The DIY movement has become popular enough to encourage people to roll up their sleeves and do stuff by themselves. Yes, it can be very cost-efficient but, without enough knowledge or training, it can be an expensive disaster, especially when it comes to home improvement projects. Here are 5 home upgrades that you should just leave to the experts: Floor Resurfacing Upgrading your floors is not like painting a wall. Because it endures more use [...]

5 Home Upgrades that ONLY Pros Should Handle2019-06-28T07:20:23+00:00