A concrete patio, whether covered or not, is prone to dirt, dust, and even mold and mildew. There is not a single material out there that is entirely maintenance free. Maybe some may require only minimal cleaning than others. Regardless of what the finish of your concrete patio is, make sure you have the following cleaning tools within reach:

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  • Pressure Washer

Also called a power washer, this is a very efficient tool for cleaning the patio. Depending on the type of pressure nozzle, the strength of the water that shoots out can remove tough and stubborn dirt, mud, algae, moss, and more. Just make sure not to concentrate the stream of water in one spot for a long time to keep the pressure from damaging the concrete itself. It is important to wear safety goggles to keep flying debris from entering your eyes.

  • Brushes

Have different types of brushes ready at your disposal. Soft brushes are great for rubbing paste-type cleaners on stains or stubborn dirt. Stiffer brushes are great for tougher dirt and stains. But use stiff brushes with caution. It could damage the material or any finish it has on top of it.

  • Spray Bottle

This is especially helpful for use in any type of cleaning, be it outdoors or indoors. Put some of your reliable cleaning solution in the spray bottle for easy spritzing and cleanup. Designate a different spray bottle for each cleaner that you use. Not only will this keep different cleaners from mixing, it is also a lot more convenient.

  • Broom

Regular sweeping is enough to remove dirt and debris from the concrete patio. Choose one that is stiff enough to remove dirt even in crevices, cuts, gaps, or joints but soft enough to not scratch the surface of the concrete patio.

These are just the essential cleaning tools that you must readily have in your home. Keep all patio cleaning tools in a box or cabinet in the garage or shed to make it easy to access when needed. Schedule a regular cleanup every weekend or whenever it is most convenient for you. The sooner you remove dirt, debris, and stains on the concrete patio, the easier it will be to clean. If you plan to use commercial cleaners with chemical content, consult a pro to make sure that it would not be harmful to the concrete or any finish or coating installed on it.